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Here you will find selections of available “HeatherDrums” and past favorites.
Each has a story to tell!


Using quality materials and methods passed down from master makers, every piece is raised on a potter’s wheel and finished with glaze. This forming process enhances the acoustics by compressing the clay, producing better resonance and durability, while the natural rawhide drum heads are long-lasting and rich in sound, free of plastic and responsive to the touch.

Hand-drums like these are part of a living tradition of music-making known especially in Arabic, Turkish and Eastern European traditions. Worldwide the family of goblet drums is very common and includes the West African djembe and talking drum. The form’s dynamic shape creates a spectrum of tones on a single head, with bass projection provided by the cone-shaped tail.


As works of ceramic art, they embrace the layering potential of low-fire earthenware clay by utilizing underglazes, slips, stains, oxides, commercial and self-mixed glazes. Materials, elements and heat are at work as they endure the alchemy of change during at least two kiln firings.

While every one is unique, I strive for uniformity and balance in the design, with a catalog range of 5 sizes. The process takes 4 - 6 weeks to complete, and they are made in small batches throughout the year. Based in Chicago, USA.

For more information including maintenance and care of natural skins please feel free to contact me.
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Currently Available HeatherDrums

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Updated 3 May 2019


Selected past work

My first drum was made in the Summer of 2000! Check out these favorite color & shape variations from over the years. (I’ll be adding to this as I uncover more from the archive) Do you have a HeatherDrum? Would you like to share a photo in this gallery? Send it to me by email: HeatherDrums at Gmail.