Teaching is an art in itself; here are examples
of current & past favorite classroom experiences.

I’ve been teaching since before I graduated college (certified horsemanship safety & basic riding instructor, 1997), and it’s something that seems to go hand-in-hand with my professional art practice. Artmaking is often a solitary endeavor, which can be very lonely and disorienting. Teaching requires a bottomless spirit, plus the ability to socially engage and lead others- it’s the exact opposite of the studio artist mindset. To strike a balance between the two, is to find inspiration in unexpected places. I am grateful for all the teachers who have helped guide my learning pathways, and to my students for being interested and brave enough to try something new! My respect to all the classroom teachers with whom I’ve enjoyed partnerships over the years; their dedication and endurance are remarkable and deserve greater rewards, always.
Thank you.

hands working .jpg
student work, visually impaired, age 16.jpg
student work, Raven aged 16.jpg
student work, first time adult wheel:handbuilding.JPG