Seasonal Variations

by Heather McQueen

Spring is a time of refreshing and renewing, warming up and becoming active again.  Days are brighter and birds are singing.  In the studio, the wheel picks up speed.

Looking over my work from the past year, I find satisfaction in having accepted the flow of simplicity.  Small changes.  Re-producing things that made me happy.  Making ceramics that support moments of happiness in daily life.

No need for flowery language, just flowers.  Make vases, for flowers.  (done.)

A new series of poem vessels, plus ice cream bowls, drums, and more are being added to the online store.  Please visit the shop, enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!  Happy Spring!

Early Spring, the river is up and the birds are singing. Ludlow Castle and town, England March 2018

Looking to find my work in Chicago?  Check out State Street Gallery downtown.  They have one drum of mine remaining on show.  Plus it's a nice space for a quiet break, I recommend it.  There are usually tables and chairs off to one side where people can sit.  

In Lincoln Square, "HeatherDrums" are in the shop at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

Visitors from the Raquy drumming community, Welcome! Go here for drums!  
Haven't heard of Raquy Danziger's Drum Store, Drum Camps, etc?  Have a look here and here!

Returning to my love of terracotta and the tactile bliss of low-gloss glazes, I've been playing with red earthenware clay a bit more, and reviving a favorite matte glaze.  I will always love bright colors, but I'm craving some earthy texture right now!

New! The 'Earthtone' color palette draws its glow from the body underneath: iron-rich clay interacts and lends its chemistry to the overall glaze color.  Golden straw yellows and greens, soft blue and grey tones, warm tomato reds.  Comforting colors, fired to smooth gloss.  Find them on my latest run of "Tiny" sized drums.

The new 'Fernstone' series, featuring my favorite matte glaze, plays with the co-mingling of iron and fires to a mottled and touchable, stone-like surface.  It's more shiny where the glaze is in direct contact with the terracotta, giving a subtle contrast of matte and gloss surfaces when an underglaze or slip is used.  Very nice to touch!  
This glaze has been hard at work in my studio for years, appearing under the name 'lava' and also as the lovely green/metallic matte on the Book Bumpers.  I started applying it on drums again last year, joined by a line of utility vessels, and look forward to more of these! 

As a parting gift, please enjoy these sketchbook pages from my recent travel adventure.  I celebrated a lucky birthday with a week of skiing in the Italian Alps, followed by a quick visit to old friends in Herefordshire & Wales.  These precious moments of sketching probably mean more to me than anyone else, but you're welcome to look at my book.  

Oh yeah and I joined Instagram. (link)    


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