The Moment

by Heather McQueen

Just one moment.  Thrilling or not, each passes in an instant and then dissipates into memory, a dust trail.  To hover with it slows time and there we hang, within a moment.  Seconds go by, becoming minutes.  There is nothing else, no worry and no reason to find a worry.  Future will come soon enough.  In another moment, this will be gone.  Allowing stillness frees the mind.

On my pottery wheel, this is the key: quiet attention, in unity with the spinning clay.  I must be present with it, to hear and feel the forms taking shape.  It's for this reason that I prefer kickwheels: their weighty flywheels allow for a gradual slow-down, a loss of momentum that is felt as the hands are working, anticipated and eventually, becomes still.  Mine is a stable and trusty Lockerbie kickwheel, as comfortable and well-used as my bike.

This simplicity and presence is what I reflected on during my summer retreat; it has become part of my practice, as the frenetic energy of the city life replaces that of the mountains and sea.  As I achieve full momentum in my studio, also teaching workshops at ElevArte Community Studio, Goethe School and Lillstreet Art Center, taking license to mentally dwell in these moments enriches my feelings of inner peace and raises my awareness of where and who I am.

Enjoy this gallery of sketches from my recent time in Sardinia (Italy), where time is slow and the light is long.  Thank you for sharing this moment, and I invite you to take part in other moments of my artistic journey, by shopping in the virtual storefront and following Heather McQueen Studio FaceBook page.  Your feedback and support are welcome and returned with my most sincere thanks!