Spring Cleaning

by Heather McQueen

Welcome to a new season emerging. Here we stand, looking onward at the potential and possibility of 2019; in some ways there is already a lack of time. The waiting and rushing, waves of activity that propel us daily in these ‘lives’ while we dream of- what? Something ‘else’. I don’t know. I’m looking for it too- this sort of freedom and ease of living. We should absorb as much of it as possible. Making art is about taking ahold of time in this way, becoming absorbed in a task that means all and yet nothing. The paradox.


I usually don’t worry too much about why I live differently, existing in balance of managing this creative passion. Really the thought of not having a studio seems very strange to me. Taking stock of the workshop this season, I’m cleaning up, rearranging, stirring up new ideas. Playing, enjoying a time of low pressure. Using up old clay and restocking for the year. Making preparations for more nameless ‘somethings’.

Today I used the last 10lbs. of red clay and created ‘kiln filler’ -just some quick little slab and pressed bowls, things to dry quickly and fill up the kiln so that everything stays on schedule this week. I don’t know what they will become, but these little bowls were the first of the year to be dried in the warm Spring sunshine, out behind the studio with the chirping cardinal that watches over us.

late bloomers.jpg

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The question I have for everyone this year is, “What can I make for you?”

Be well, thanks for reading and Happy Spring.